How Do You Know So Much About College Football?


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Just about every week between September 1 & mid January I am asked questions like :

“Is this really you making these College Football picks?”

“Who is your favorite college football team?”

Today I am going to answer some of these and more!

Why I like College Football?

As we enter week two of college football 2013 …. I couldn’t be happier!

Way back in 1992, I was starting college at Central Michigan University, without a clue about football. I was however, always an athlete. Not only was I involved in the fitness scene but I also played tennis and was a competitive ice skater all the way through college . My father received his undergrad & graduate degrees from The University of Michigan & was a huge fan of Michigan Football. I had a foundation for the love of competition, rivalry and this mysterious but wonderful commitment we all have toward our alma maters. I still didn’t know much about football.

But I learned quick… Why? I was dating my now husband who was a College Football super freak! He may not have memorized stats , player numbers etc but he was passionate about being immersed in the energy of college football. He also played through his first year of college. As a 6’1 , 315lb freshman he could squat over 700lbs and could easily rep 440 on the bench. He was fast and had a bright future in football. Until … he suffered a career ending C3 injury. His doctor told him .. “Son it’s time you start making your way with your brain vs your brawn” .

Seeing how much he loved it made me want to learn .. to understand this game he cherished. So I went from not knowing what ’1st and 10′ meant, to learning about school histories, the players and coaches backgrounds. I knew I was cheering for more than just a University, but for people who were living their dreams. This gave me a school spirit that is really hard to describe. I am fiercely nostalgic about the college experience.

For me, there is nothing that compares to the energy of a college campus .. a college game. I may love my Steelers but the NFL experience pales by comparison.


How Do I Know So Much About College Football?

I really appreciate the Tweets from ya’ll who say things like “You should be on TV talking sports” … and while it’s flattering .. it may be unfounded lol. I really admire the women who work for ESPN etc. They have a comfort with the material and information that I just don’t have. I know so much only because I actually study .. not because it comes naturally.

In addition to watching the games, each and every week, I read the reports on the teams I may be picking. I read about injuries , suspensions , key match-ups etc. I also pay really close attention during the games. Noting facts like Jadeveon Clowney looked mediocre & winded in his first game & how Michigan’s secondary looked good for the first time in years. These things matter week to week. For example, the most prepared team in week one was unquestionably Clemson. They were in week 3 or 4 form .. in week one!

So it’s not that I know so much .. it’s that the information is researched and more importantly fresh.


Who Are My Favorite Teams?

There is a really strange trait that men seem to have .. for the most part they feel like they can only like ONE team. I find this archaic and limiting frankly. Can I only like one flavor of ice cream? Can I only lust after one person? While my #1 all time favorite team is indeed Michigan I like many teams. I think it goes back to the beginning when I learned about school histories, the players and coaches backgrounds. For example, how can you NOT love The Ducks? There is an energy that radiates from their fan base that gives me goosebumps.

So who are my favorite teams?

My Top 5:

1. Michigan
2. LSU
3. Oregon
4. South Carolina
5. Penn State

Teams I also REALLY Like ( In no particular order )

Boise State
Michigan St
Oklahoma State
NC State
Appalachian State
Central Michigan
East Carolina
Boise State


Are You Really You Making The Picks?

It really is me … well me and my husband. Let’s be honest, I’d be crazy not to solicit his opinion. He was a player. Our Saturdays usually begin with Joseph Eggs. Very unhealthy but delicious! Michael cooks up a package of Hormel® Natural Choice® Bacon .. cooked crispy but not burned. Then he cooks about 15 scrambled eggs in 1/2 of the bacon drippings and 2 pounds of hash browns in the other 1/2 of the bacon fat.

While he is doing this, I am in the living room finalizing my picks & tweets in a text file : )

I’ll ask him questions and from time to time we “debate” LOL .. we do not always agree!

Once I’m done .. I tweet it all out rapid fire and do my best to respond to your comments.

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