High End Stocking Fetish Community

You never quite know whether or not to believe “pro” reviews or not… so when you see a comment like this one on a “surfer board” you know you have found something worthwhile!

” Well looky here – a dashing blond wearing back seamed cuban heel stockings, and heels. Very classy stuff, I’m actually surprised to see this on what appears to be a brand new site, Black Label Skin. Cuban heel stockings are a rare sight. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone wearing them out in public, at least not anytime in recent memory. Noooo…everyone’s into that fishnet craze. And dark opaque tights now that it’s cold outside.
Friends outside of the city don’t believe me when I tell them a lot of women here wear fishnets to work. I mean… to WORK! It’s just sooooo trashy I think but it’s like the thing now, you know?

I think it’s time more of my fellow sisters start wearing sexy cuban heel stockings like the little hottie here, don’tcha think?

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My Free Hotwife Site Pics!

Hello everyone! Ok In my quest to bring you the webs best free and premium hot wife , swinger and MILF sites today I am reviewing one of the cleanest , easiest and no bullshit sites dedicated to the hotwife lifestyle! Best of all this is a free site! So lets get going … no […]

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