Football Sunday!


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So who are You rooting for? heheheh I am sure you giuys saw my favored team. They both are incredible I know but I am a Peyton fan! I had an awesome weekend. I did not hit the club…too much busy work to do but I had a blast. Inbetween working sprees I had the most fun with little bits. She had a “princess party” saturday and had a ball. I had a wonderful time chatting with the parents, great people. After that a girld friend of mine called to see if the girls wanted to have dinner and then hang out at her place. A dinner turned into 11PM and I had the best time. I have some really great friends:) I am putting in a few hours while E has a play date and then Michael and I are jpoining her for a super bowl party! Have a great time all and best of luck to your team:)


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