Brandi’s BCS Solution


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Happy Saturday College Football Fans!

As you all know,  I have long loathed the BCS.  I have heard all of the arguments regarding the importance of the Bowl Games from a financial standpoint and while I agree that the Bowl Games are important financially,  the argument that you cant have a playoff system is 100% BULLSHIT!  Additionally,  I have heard the argument that you can’t add additional games to the schedule…. Really?   I would argue that the college guys are more able to play an extended playoff schedule than most of the 30+ year old  pro’s.  Youth has it’s benefits.

Lastly,  I have also heard the argument that an extended playoff schedule would interfere with academics…  That argument is made by those who don’t know how to plan.

Below is a solution, that in my opinion  accomplishes the following:

1.  It makes each bowl more important & thus increases the value /  revenue of each bowl.   I have witnessed pitiful bowl attendance in recent years.  Why?  Because in the current BCS system we only care about the championship game and MAYBE some of the BCS Bowl Games..  the rest of the bowls suffer.

2.  It allows ample time for college athletes to prepare for finals and to spend time with family during the holidays.

3.  If a team is in the top 16 then they may potentially play an additional  1-4 games depending on whether or not they win.

4.  It gives teams who had early season losses or simply an off day to redeem themselves.  I believe teams get better or worse through a season.

5.  We end up with the two teams who competed the hardest in the end.

6.  We end up with the most exciting sports weekend in the world.  The NCAA Championship on Saturday and the Superbowl on Sunday!


So without further adieu …
Brandi’s NCAA Football Brackets  ( PDF )
NCAA college football playoffs

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So If this played out today… Here is how I see it play out


College Football Playoffs

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