The Year In Review


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New Year anxiousness has arrived. I adore this time of the year for so many reasons. For me the joy of reflecting back on a great year with the newness and fresh slate of a New one before us. I spend time alone sitting and reflecting. What did I do great this past year? What can I improve upon? and what do I need to make sure I never do again? are the questions I answer. I have been know by those closet to me to have a chaotic personality. I tend to actually like a bit of self induced insanity. Not being a PHD I can not totally get to the root but I am doing better. At some things in my life I do an exceptional job of managing and keeping things organized. At others I down right suck. This year I am going to manage all aspects with the same detail and organization I know I am capable. I am not going to try… I am going to do. Chaos out, productivity and calm in.

This goes out as a HUGE thank you to all my followers, fans and supporters. This past year was hectic, wild and full of adventure. The love and support I have seen both via social media, and my emails has been overwhelming. I hope you can feel my appreciation in my personal responses, the scenes I put out and personal interaction via my site and May 2015 prove to be as successful and as exciting as 2014.



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