Brandi Spends Valentine’s Day Naked


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T’was the night be Valentine’s day and al through he house…Are you gentleman all ready? We went out for diner Last night to celebrate so for tonight and tomorrow night making love will be our “plans”. Besides is there a better way to spend time with the one you love then to spend it with them naked? So from around 11pm tonight until midnight tomorrow I do not plan on putting any clothing on or getting out of bed..unless for food☺
I would love to hear what you guys end up doing. Send me your romantic; naughty or down right dirty Valentine’s stories. As you guys can tell from my site I never get tired of reading erotica. For those of you who do not have any idea what your gal may like…you can never go wrong with a spa gift card. If you do not have a local spa, you can ALWAYS create one at home that she will appreciate and enjoy just as much. Go pick up a yummy bubble bath or salts and get some candle. Roses petals are an awesome touch. Have a hot bath ready, lights dim and soft music playing. A glass of champagne never hurts☺ When she is almost done go in and massage her feet. You will be thanked! Good luck guys now go get romantical!


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