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Very few things in life that are valuable come easily. It takes care and nurturing to plant a seed and make it grow. It takes 9 months and in some cases 18 hours of labor to bring a child into this world and it can take decades to create financial and emotional stability in your life. With those things said, that is what makes life the adventure that it is. We all have those days when we just feel like “when the fuck is enough enough?” You may be working too many hours without seeming return for your effort. You may be taking shit from your mate for never being home, or being home too much. Life can be, we all know it….challenging. This is not to bring you down, it is to lift you up so keep reading.

With all the craziness and apparent hardship our world (more impending, our nation) is experiencing, we can all learn and grow into more productive, creative and happy people. Instead of taking a defeatist stance and giving up, stand tall and take matters into your own hands. Things will change and the pendulum will swing. If you need to take on a second job, or get creative and make your own, do it. In times like this we can pull together, work together, create together and survive. Some will take this time of economical turmoil and strive beyond what seems possible. Use your mind and do things you previously thought impossible. Start your own small business, get involved in your community. Whatever you do, don’t sit around bitching because that is a colossal waste of time.

If you find you have more time at home then ever, spend it with the ones you love. Spend it naked! Being naked always seems to put me in a happier place:) Make a “bucket list” and start knocking things out. It is never to early to start such a list, I think it helps keep things balanced. Always make time for laughter, adventure, excitement and intimacy. Find one thing that really makes you happy, and make sure it is a part in some way of everyday. When you are being responsible and doing what you can….relax and let loose. We have one go at this life and it my personal belief that you are to make the very most of it that you can. Don’t take yourself so seriously, or others for that matter. Surround yourself with good people. Good people can be tough to find, but they are out there…keep looking:)

SO now that I have many of you scratching your heads and wondering what the speech was all about. I have nothing…LOL! Just started writing and that is what spilled onto the screen. It happens what can I say?

This is going to be a HUGE week for, MASSIVE video updates and of course new pictures. Check into the members only cam page….I may be popping in over the next few weeks for extra private shows *wink*

Kisses and hugs all, I am off to go get some nookie!


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