Shake that thing Ms Brandi Brandi


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Dance baby dance! I am counting down the hoursJ I will start getting ready to hit the club when I am done writing this diary entry🙂 This is going to be a super fun weekend packed full of fun which means by Sunday I am going to be either wasted or energetic! I have to leave Sunday night for SC. I Have the photoshoot with the fitness photographer Monday and Tuesday and then back home Tuesday night. I am super excited to shoot with Jeff, I have been training my ass off, well actually adding some plump to my buns! Those squats have caught up…finally🙂

I am going to post the pictures I took Monday with the racing cars and motorcycle first of next week. Those turned out really good but also made me realize I had to start doing two a days with my cardio to get rid of the extra fat. Looking forward to a smokin’ weekend and catching up on cam.



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