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Well well here we are at the end of a lovely weekend. I had a blast watching big ten ball all Saturday and then my Steelers won Sunday! I did pretty good with my game picks but man I blew the Patriots vs Cowboys. Maybe my next career will be as an ESPN commentator *wink*

Other than a killer gym workout Friday and a hike btw Saturday and SUnday my ass has been on the sofa working on my site. I have finally implemented a new camping system on my site that will bring higher quality archives and smoother live shows, YEAH! I love when things get even better. I will be doing a tsp run tomorrow and then the real deal for my members the usual Wednesday night at 10:30pm Thanks for hanging in there guys, this has been worth it.

I will be heading to Toronto next week for a few days of business meetings. Fingers crossed that has a positive turn out. Very exciting opportunities around the corner and I welcome them. Change can be good. Sometimes scary but good:) All opportunities in the table are great for my site which means great for you and me!

I shot some amazing pics recently with Mark at : Some of those pics will be at: over the coming weeks. As will my newest swinger video. Holy hotness….. Michael and I met a cowpoke the other night for a drink, long story short they came home with us ( those of you on cam last Wednesday know of what I speak, LOL! Story coming to “stories” section soon.

See you all Wednesday night!



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