Enjoying The Wild West


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As many of you know Florida was a huge success! It helped me clear my head, get some work done, make new friends as well as re-focus my efforts and get invigorated and re-charged about my direction professionally. All that in 3 days, damn! LOL

I hate that I only have a few pics of the incredibly sexy ladies I shared a house with, but what good pics they are:) this is the lovely and talented Jodi West , One I hope to spend MUCH more time with *wink*

As crazy at it seems I am on the road again. This is not work but pleasure (is there a difference? ) Of all places I am up in the rainy Ohio. I have to give credit where it is due…it was GORGEOUS yesterday. 72 and sunny. Last night around 3AM the shit weather began. Thunderstorms dominated the early morning and are planned to continue for….wait for it…… 4 frigid days! Ugggh. Well good news is there is no excuse to not hit the gym. My next fews days will be filled with the gym, making arts and crafts with my boo, visiting friends, and planning my very exciting future (our very exciting future *wink*)


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