Loving Philly


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An ode to Philly …… ok never mind I am sooooooo not a poet but it was a good start:) I am having an amazing time here in Philly. The weather is cold and dark but the energy and kindness of the people is off the hook. I am a fan of big cities and this is exactly why…. excitement! Everywhere I look there is something going on and the sounds of the city to me are for some reason soothing. The snow has begun to dance through the air and I am feeling very nostalgic. I honestly have not seen a snow fall in several years and having grown up in Detroit… I have missed it. Freezing cold night with a sky full of snow flakes but I promise you it will warm and erotic in Philly Gold Club tonight and tomorrow night.

Time has flown! I got here Wednesday and I am sad to say just two more nights of dancing and I am home. I will keep you all posted but if tonight and tomorrow are anything like Wed and Thursday this will have been one awesome trip! Philly I will be back:) On tat note I am off to get a little nap before party time. I hope to see as many of you there that will fit *wink*



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