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There were experiences that I had while here in LA that I may never effectively be able to share with you….simply because there are not words in the English language to describe the event or scenario. All in all this was an exceptionally educational trip as well as productive. I met some really cool people that I am sure I will  cross paths with again and in all honesty a few people I hope to never see again. I say that not because of anything and happened, it’s just a feeling some people in CA gave me. This is not a blanket statement but I happen to run across several disingenuous, shallow folks. I am not talking about the adult industry alone, this is a general feel of the people I encountered. I am certain many in LA would consider me boring, lame, naive  and perhaps other choice words…I really do not know. What I can say however is that for me to be content…… I need around me friendly, considerate, extroverted, intellectually stimulating well rounded people. That’s all I have to say about that.

High light of the trip? Two things…..Shooting with Kelly and Ryan Madison and getting to know them. Fun witty god people. Second, Having my dear friend Laura take me to Bikram Yoga. I fell in love after my first visit. Incredible experience and one I plan on continuing. Lows? Well most obviously….the duration away from my family. This was the longest trip I have taken away from them ever, EVER! I am glad I stayed busy….That helped but it did not cure the pains in my heart. I love my family, my home, my pets, friends……I like the life I lead. SO 12 days away was just a few days too many. Next trip will have to be a tad shorter or they come with.

I had the chance to meet my agent Shy Love and spend some time hanging out. That was awesome. She runs a tight ship and takes care of her talent. She has been very good to me and I have no doubts that we will have plenty to do in the future.

I did have the unique experience of hanging out on set discussing theory and philosophy with a completely stoned individual. Many asked me “why didn’t you leave set? WTF?” and I seriously laughed and said I could not help it….it was so entertaining and fun I couldn’t stop myself. It is not everyday I had such an opportunity:) Very interesting I must say. Lifestyles are, to say the least… as unique as snow flakes. No one path is right for everyone. I do sit in judgment at all (as you can imagine) I simply do not understand how anything gets done! LOL!

So Now I sit here n the cold lonely floor at LAX anxiously awaiting my plane to arrive so I can depart. I am trying to keep my blood pressure in check. I want to be home so bad it is almost more than I can bear. To kiss my husband and thank him for letting me have this opportunity. He worked his ass off, kept the house from burring down, got little bits off to school, took care of the animals and kept me grounded. It was a lot to ask and I am grateful for him. To hold my little one so close and so tight so she knows without  doubt she is loved and cherished. There really is no place like home. Thank you all for taking the journey with me xoxo


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