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A lot of fans have contacted me this “Award Season” to ask about the lack of nominations this year.

I honestly have no idea what the nomination process is or who specifically is involved in either the AVN or XBiz nomination process. And THAT is precisely why I’m amazed that I get nominated for anything at all. The truth is that I’m an “Industry Outsider”. I don’t have an agent politicing on my behalf, I don’t have a PR agency keeping my name in front of those who make decisions regarding nominations , I don’t work directly for one of the big studios and I don’t spend a lot of money … or any money advertising with the organizations who run the awards. And lastly, I don’t live in Los Angeles which negates my ability to socialize with “the industry”.

I’m just a woman from North Carolina who truly enjoys what she does and counts herself fortunate to make a living doing something I have passion for. You have to remember that my husband & I have always had an adventurous sex life so this is simply an exciting extension of that. If you follow my musical tastes, you know that I love Sting. He had a great quote about his marriage that mirrors my own:

“Being apart juices the relationship,” says Sting, noting, “I don’t think pedestrian sex is very interesting. There’s a playfulness we have; I like the theater of sex. I like to look good. I like her to dress up. I like to dress her up.”

The singer adds that they’re not a flowers-and-candy kind of couple. “Romantic?” he asks. “We like tawdry.”

So … that’s why I can honestly say I’m amazed that I get nominated for anything at all.

Does it bother me?

Sure it does… to a point. In this profession there are really three groups of people who provide you with feedback and they are each important for different reasons:

1. The Fans
2. The Producers
3. The Industry

The Fans are the most important group because aside from satisfying my personal kinks, that’s who I do this for. When the fans like what I do, I hear about it. I can see the results on Twitter, Freeones, Fan Award Shows, in my email and most importantly, I hear about it from the owners of the production companies. I hope that you, my fans never underestimate how good it makes me feel to hear the positive responses and even the constructive criticisms.

The Producers are the second most important group in this threesome! Those who produce adult entertainment have a fiduciary duty to make adult entertainment that sells. Fan favorites sell. And this is why I am always booked solid when I travel to LA. I’ve had numerous discussions with studio owners… their feedback always makes me blush. I hear about their top selling scenes, the reasons they use my footage in their ads and most importantly I’m proud to be known as someone who is always on time, professional as well as courteous to the cast(s) & crew(s). If bookings are a good barometer of where your at in the “the industry” … I’m doing just fine.

The Industry. I like to think of “The Industry” in the same light as “The Academy” on the mainstream side. It’s an established organization of your peers .. and it’s big business! For the reasons I’ve listed above and probably some others I’m blissfully unaware of I simply don’t “fit in”. And that’s what stings. It’s nice to be recognized by your peers and after the year I’ve had .. it’s not arrogant to say that I know I deserve to be.

But where that might sting for a day or two, I am continually pulled back to the reality of my year overall …. it’s been a FANTASTIC 2013! Some of the highlights include:

a. I’ve shot over 65 scenes including my first featrures
b. Have been in the Top 10 of all performers on Freeones all year
c. Won the Editors Choice MILF award at NightMoves
d. Nominated for Performer Site of the Year ( XBiz )
e. I was nominated for a Fan Award for MILF of the Year ( AVN )
f. Received multiple RISE award nominations
g. The Sex Awards nominations including the MILF category
h. Broke the 100k followers mark on Twitter
i. Surpassed 4500 members on my website
j. Sponsored by Reality Kings & Naughty America at the 2014 AVN / AEE convention in Vegas.
k. Finalized a deal for a huge project in 2014 ( more to come in December / January! )

It’s hard to be bitter when you look at the year in context.

I’m a very happy woman!


And for those who are convinced that my lack of IR scenes is to blame .. I’ll have something for you to read this evening! The long awaited article which answers the question ” Brandi, when are you going to do interracial?”

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