AEE And Me


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I am getting excited now. Very excited. Life tends to keep me pretty busy so a week away feels like forever but not Friday is right around the corner which means VEGAS BABY! I have not been for a few years now…nor have I attended the AEE show so this is an extra special trip. I am looking forward to meeting the fans, my friends, and making new fans and friends:) The only thing I can tell all ready is 3 days is not going to be enough. I have a feeling I am going to be on the plane home making reservations for next year ( and for a week!).

Happy to many of you enjoyed today’s update. I have to admit that was a personal favorite. What cock loving female would not love that situation? 🙂 I am looking forward to many more “situation” being caught on tape to share with you. Speaking of sharing I am working on a very special “special” for all of you out there who have considered checking out my site but are still draggin your feet (hehehe) drag no more! It’s 2011 and I want to man woman or couple to go without experiencing my sexy, sultry enticing and oh so satisfying social network. Daily updates, groups, Instant messaging me and other members, videos, photos, model profiles, Sex articles, Swinger handbook, and on and on. I will post the link in the next couple of days where you can find my awesome deal:) I look forward to playing with …. and getting to know you better very soon.


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