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Today was exactly how a perfect morning should begin, with sex. The house was quiet and still and Michael and were cuddled up next to one another in the “spoon” position. We had fallen asleep last night on the sofa while watching a movie. I woke to his hands wandering under my panties and me backing my butt back up into him. Within a few minutes we were pulling our pj’s off and going at it. We were lost in the feeling when we realized Easter morning was going to begin any minute. Not wanting the loving to stop but also aware that the sun was coming up, Michael and I found our selves letting it all go and hitting orasm at the same time. Whew that felt amazing! What timing too…minutes later little one came running down the stairs ready to find eggs.

After eggs were found and cracked open we had a wonderful brunch. The Easter story was read and we watched “Jesus of Nazareth” as is tradition. The rest of the afternoon got a little throw off plan when Michael went to the office to “fix” a few things. Thankfully he came back for dinner and all became good with the world again. Hope everyone’s Easter was wonderful and fabulous and all you could have hoped for.



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