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HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!!! I hope it was all you hoped for and then some. After little bits woke up we did the opening everything up in her basket and did the Easter egg hunt. I love that part! It is so cute watching her run around finding eggs and popping them open. The excitement is awesome. After the hunt, we went in and made a huge breakfast together. Eggs, bacon, toast the whole nine yards.

After breakfast we did our traditional movie watching. Yep “Jesus of Nazareth”. We have watched it every year for about 5 years now. It was mid afternoon when it was over. E watched most of it with us but she is not ready for all of it. She had a few Scooby –Do breaks.

When E was asleep Michael and I actually rode the cardio bike and took a shower together. It was a very sexy shower I must say…and a bit linger than most *wink*. Have a wonderful rest of the day!



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