Is Chivalry Dead? Long Live Cyber Bullies , Neanderthals and Sissy Boys?


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It’s been an interesting week on Twitter. On the positive side, we surpassed the 121k followers mark! Unfortunately however, this week also brought out the haters … en masse.

There was an inordinate number of negative tweets aimed at me and they had a particularly hateful tone.

So I began to wonder….

Is chivalry dead? Long live cyber bullies , Neanderthals and sissy boys?

Lets explore….
1. Please Stop Telling Me To Ignore The Trolls / Haters:

There is a reason I choose to challenge the negativity from time to time. I believe that we have an obligation as human beings to help people … to challenge ignorance. If we don’t meet this challenge then we may as well divide our society in a way that resembles the novel Divergent, whereby societies are divided into personality types. Thats not a positive aspiration.

By way of example:

I am a big fan of American Idol & the other day they tweeted me publicly & in a positive manner. This was met with all sorts of negative tweets in which they included my @ as well as Idol’s. In particular, one follower of mine who has since been blocked tweeted:

” @AmericanIdol , You do realize that @Brandi_Love is a hardcore porn star right?? “

My question to him in response was :

“So … are you saying that I’m not worth engaging in a conversation because of the my area of entertainment?”

The question was asked because I wanted to engage in a conversation that would hopefully expose the staggering ignorance & bigotry of the followers original tweet. I hoped it would cause him to think about how limited his world view was and how hurtful statements like that can be. It would be ok if we continued to disagree but perhaps he would, in some small way evolve into a better person.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen in this case… but it .. he was still worth the shot!

I always say “It’s good for reasonable people to disagree”

But we have to get to the point where you have two reasonable people.

2. There Is A Difference Between Peace & Being A Doormat.

I wish the world was a place filled with peace, love and harmony. In my own little ways, I try to bring joy to people. I advocate for peaceful resolutions & I have my own little brand of “Zen”. That said, I’m also a realist. The world is a tough place and weakness is neither rewarded or admired. Look at what is happening regarding Putin & Obama. I’m a fan of neither but this Economist survey is hard to ignore and represents a truth:

“While Vladimir Putin is wildly unpopular in the United States, most Americans see him as a stronger leader than President Obama, according to a Economist survey. A staggering 78 percent consider Putin as either somewhat strong or very strong.”

I get it.

While I don’t advocate senseless violence , I do require a set of fucking balls.

Men .. real men .. not this new age brand of meek boys, meet a challenge head on. A real man would never let another say to a woman ” “Shut up you dumb whore, no one wants to hear you talk boxing , go back to sucking dick” A real man would never back down and say  “Just ignore that”.

I must have been born in the wrong time period because this one is failing me on so many levels.

Men don’t ignore a challenge .. an affront … They meet it head on. And they do it like men used to do… or at least they should.

For those who forgot what meeting it head on looks like:

1. A man first attempts to correct & mentor.
2. If the offender continues, a real man politely but directly requires manners.
3. If that requirement is met with further provocation, a real man gives a final warning

4. If the final warning is ignored .. then beat a mother fucker down … Smartly.

So men of Twitter …

I spend a great deal of time with you, I enjoy sharing this aspect of my life with you all & I’m generous. But I’m no less a woman or deserving of respect than any other human being… so be chivalrous .. be men. If you step up… then I wont have to in your stead.

Get it?

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