Brandi When Are You Doing BBC?


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So the question comes up often ( Too Often)  on Twitter … “Brandi when are you going to get some BBC”  …  That’s Big Black Cock for those of you in Rio Linda.

I’ve also been quite disappointed with those on the extreme sides of this issue.. it’s been pretty hateful on Twitter lately.  And that goes for both sides.

While the answer may be never, I think it’s important to understand why it hasn’t happened yet ( I guess Karlo Karrera doesn’t count .. sorry Karlo ).

 It certainly doesn’t have to do with racism.

Does it have to do with my career? 

I read a couple of interesting articles at Business Insider and The Daily beast this past week.  I believe that while there are some valid points made in both, they only tell one side of the story. What’s interesting is that while they make emphatic statements that racism exists in the adult industry,  no one wants to tackle the issue of misogyny in interracial porn.  Take for example this excerpt from The Daily Beast Article:

“Racism exists, and it exists in porn,” says the iconic, award-winning porn star Kristina Rose, who has been featured in more than 400 adult movies. With that number of films, it is easy for fans not to notice if a performer has avoided interracial. But TMZ last month took the time to point out that in making more than 100 films, Alexis Texas, another award-winning porn star, has never worked with black guys.”

This little paragraph,  in my opinion not only accuses Alexis Texas of being a racist but convicts her of it.  I think that’s shameful.

Further down in the article,  The Daily Beast identifies what it feels are the reason(s) white females don’t have sex with black males on camera. I find it fascinating that this is the combination that is universally discussed. I also believe it represents the problem.  I know it does for me.  They state as if it is FACT the following:

Why is interracial sex on tape still taboo in the industry? Here are a few reasons they state:

1. Size. “One reason for some actresses’ reluctance might be size,” says Snow. “The sheer size of these guys can be intimidating.”

Commentary:  This is a ridiculous statement. Have you seen the size of the white men in our industry today? There is a reason Kieran Lee has a million dollar policy on his horse cock. 

2. Career anxiety. “Most girls in the industry hear at some point from their agent or another performer that an actress can increase the longevity of her career by refusing interracial scenes,” adds Snow.

Commentary:  This one actually has some merit. I have indeed had conversations with people who say they will hold out as long as possible from doing two things:  (1) gangbangs and (2) interracial. You will even hear it joked about in casual conversation ..  ” Oh did you see so and so did a gangbang scene? .. she must be on her way out”.  

I have read the commentary on this matter from both Mark Spiegler and the opposing viewpoint and I honestly don’t know who is right. What I can tell you is that this particular issue has zero influence over my decisions. I feel extremely fortunate to have a loyal fan base. It’s not a white fan base. It’s not a black fan base. It’s a fan base that loves my stand regarding alternative relationships and appreciates that I actually enjoy this. They just want to see me having sex with people I actually lust after! As long as my fan base still wants to see me, I believe I will still get booked for scenes. Look at the career of Nina Hartley as an example of this!

3. Pay. A current myth, alluded to in Kanye West’s song “Hell of a Life,” is that directors will pay a girl less once she has shot interracial scenes. As TMZ bluntly states: “More black equals less green.”

Commentary:  Once again, a poorly constructed thought stream by article.  They start by saying its “a current myth”,  meaning it’s untrue and they end with a definitive quote:  “More black equals less green.” I do not believe scene rates decrease when you do interracial. It is my opinion that this is a mainstream media tactic structured to sensationalize the race issue.  I have many girlfriends who do shoot interracial scenes and their rates have not decreased.  And while I have zero knowledge of Lisa Ann’s rates, do you honestly believe she makes LESS now?  If you believe that, there’s a gorgeous and fertile tract of mosquito-and gator-free land in Florida that I’d love to sell you .. Interested?


4. Stereotypes. “Consumers are still buying stereotypes. An interracial porn shoot frequently portrays the big black man with the tiny white girl. This remains a popular marketing strategy,” says Snow.

Commentary: I honestly have no idea what this means and therefore can’t comment. 

5. Family. “The No. 1 reason I hear,” adult actor agent Mark Spiegler tells The Beast, “and that doesn’t mean it’s true, is ‘my family wouldn’t like me doing it.’” Snow confirms, “I’ve met a handful of girls who thought their families would be more OK with finding out they did porn than finding out they did interracial porn.”

Commentary: I can understand this one & I’m sure it is probably true.  If my family were still in my life, I can say with 100% certainty that they would have an issue with interracial porn.  That said however,  my conservative family would also have issue with ANY & ALL adult entertainment.   So does this make my family bigots or racist.  To answer that you need to understand what I believe about these two words.

 I believe that prejudice is about perception, bigotry is about attitude and racism is about actions. If someone is placed under your power and you act in a way to intentionally subvert them based on their race … it is racism.

Based on this understanding,  I would say that my family is indeed prejudiced & bigoted.  However,  as people of considerable influence and position, I never heard of them intentionally subverting anyone based on race. 

I have a different viewpoint from my family as evidenced by my choices in lifestyle,  career etc.  I look at each person individually. I could care less what color you are.  If you meet my standards as a human being then I’ll like you. If you don’t .. I wont. 


6. New territory. “Sometimes the first black guy they have been exposed to is in the industry,” says Tee Reel, a black adult performer-turned-agent. “It’s not as if they have some racist gene. They aren’t anti-black, they just never had the opportunity.”

Commentary: I honestly have no idea what this means and therefore can’t comment.

Is There Racism in the Adult Industry?

Maybe there is.   However,  I took a look at three of the largest tube sites and there is an average of 170, 358 interracial videos putting this category in the top 10 list. MILF by contrast averaged 194, 742 videos and includes a statistically significant number of interracial MILF videos.  Interracial sex in our industry is everywhere.  There are enormously successful companies who specialize in interracial only content.  Furthermore, the articles at Business Insider & The Daily Beast  first state that interracial sex on tape still taboo and then go on to state:

“Spiegler Girls, is MORE TYPICAL of top agents: 75 percent to 80 percent of its performers say they shoot interracial material.”

The fact that 75% –  80% of the  girls from  the “Typical Top Agents”  shoot interracial negates their earlier statement.

The more concerning issue for me however is this:  These articles insinuate that if a white woman is not willing to sleep with a black male it’s racist.  That is simply outrageous.  I guess we should all be forced to sleep with a black man to prove we aren’t?  There is something warped about their mindset.


If Racism Isn’t The Issue What Is?

For me it’s all about attraction,  the motivation .. the intent .. the why?

I had fascinating exchange with a follower on Twitter one day.  I posted my first interracial scene with the gorgeous Diamond Jackson and yet … this didn’t seem to count! Even more interesting to me was that it was predominantly my black followers who felt this way. If I were a black woman… I would be pissed.  Apparently you don’t count as “black” .. who knew?

After a number of tweets leading my follower down a path we got to the truth .. the why….  and it’s the reason I might not.

The “fetish” is to see a white woman dominated by a black man.

While the psychology behind this may be a huge turn on for some,  it’s precisely this position that makes it a huge turn off for me. Those who know me understand that it doesn’t matter if you are black, white,  red, brown or yellow,  I’m not one who is going to be “dominated”,  abused, humiliated etc. It’s offensive to my very nature.  Now if I find a black performer with whom I have chemistry and have an opportunity to shoot something like you see in an Andrew Blake, Pure Mature, Wicked Feature, New Sensations or Sex Art production… I’m in!

What you will never see me do however is what you see in the vast majority of the interracial video productions in the market today.  I’m not going to be referred to as a “white bitch”.  I’m not going to be told to “suck that nigger cock” I’m not going to involve myself in anything or with anyone that I don’t find personally arousing. Period.

The truth is I find all people beautiful.  That includes black people and it certainly includes myself.

Finally, as a swinger and connoisseur of all things erotic I’m astonished and quite frankly offended that anyone really believes that I’ve never been with a black male.

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