What a weekend


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As usual I had a fantastic day of recovery yesterday. I had an awesome night at the club and meet some super cool people I hope to see again. Always interesting when you meet people who are friends with your neighbors🙂

I got in around 3:30 on Saturday morning and Michael was awake…thank goodness because I was not going to go to bed until I got some. I had made some booty call plans with a friend of mine but told him to turn off his cell if he got tired. When I got off work I called and no answer…which only got me more excited to get home and share my “almost” sexy plans with Michael. Neither one of us ended up shorted *wink*

Today I took E to the park and then we ended up at the mall due to rain. She played for a bit there and now we are heading out for dinner and a movie. I have a big week coming up. We are having a documentary shot on us this coming weekend and I have a ton of “business” happenings the beginning of the week. I hope you all have and had great weekends. See you Tuesday morning on camz🙂



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