what a perfect weekend


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What a blast! As usual I had an amazing time at the club. A few of my good friends got a bit wasted and I had the pleasure of enjoying their silliness. Best part about the women I hang out with….we may get silly at times and we are all quite free spirited, but we always take care of each other. It is decided in the beginning of the night who is driving and the rest of us get nutty! Thanks to my girls and the fantastic people I hung with Friday……and Steve am very aware that I have lost all chances of any scholarship awards. But I think ya love me still? Next round is on me and we’ll toast the government🙂

Yesterday the family did the r&r thing. Movies, hot wings and snuggling by the fire. We took turns on the movie choice, Michael, E and then me. It was so fun and we all got to watch movies we had not seen before. Did everyone have good weekends? I hope so and look forward to seeing you all this week on cam. I will most likely be on Wednesday this week because I have class on Tuesday, so please check the schedule but I will be sure to let you knowJ:)



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