What a dork!


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OK so it came across as a tease but no the members only camshow archive will be back by Friday. Yours truly…with all the years I have been online and working on computers….blew up that new page. Accidentally I hit upload when I should have hit download:) ooopsie:( I will have it back so no fear. A second photoset will be added this week, tomorrow. All your emails with requests for certain picture sets have been written down and I will be shooting them this whole next month. You still have a few days if you can think of some creative and sexy scenarios, I would love for you to share them wth me so I can shoot it and put them up in my site:)

Holy moley it is COLD out there. I know it is 3 times colder up North but for me this is burr chilly. I was thinking of heading up North to visit some friends just for the weekend but damn that does not look good. Appears there are a few inches of the white stuff along with ice and negatve numbers as a temperature…no way jose! I love snow, love it! when looking at it through a window in a warm house:) It is so pretty and romantic but dang, my ears would fall off if I had to go outside.

Just FYI in case you did not get a PM, members only cam show is Friday night at 11pm and I cannot wait to play with you guys so I will hopefully see you then.


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