Another Version of Extendzzzzzz


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This is just so damn cool. I have always been curious about hair extensions just never went for it. After doing a ton of research and being gently nudged by my agent…I did it! I am totally geeked. It took less than 2 hours, didn’t hurt one bit and looks and feels totally natural. I did not plan on going longer but it definitely is both longer and thicker. The color is an exceptional match and seriously all I can say is it is a very fun and playful change. It is supposed to last 4-6 months and of course there is monthly “clean up” sessions, but now that the biggest cost is out of the way, I may keep them for awhile. The hair is such high quality I can actually re-use them the next time I need them redone. I hate that they were a frigid mortgage payment but like I said, because they were so well done and the hair so nice, I will not need to buy the hair again. What a weird conversation huh? Just wanted to share my experience with you all. The good the bad and the nutty:) It is fun I must admit…to be a woman. We have at our finger tips some of the wildest “make over” capabilities. When used mildly, it can be fun to transform:) What do you think? I will post pics when I do my hair wavy and with curls as well…..

Plain, blown out hair with ZERO product it in…pre extensions

The new hair just 2 hours later, CRAZY!

Looking a tad… shall we say, frazzeled…ick

I love the shine and thickness, this could become addicting:)

All is see is back fat, Uggghhhh…off to the gym, LOL!

This pic speaks for itself, so grabbable no? 🙂

Better before….or after?



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