How many inches?


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LOL I know what you were thinking:) I can not believe we have snow here! I mean NC does get hit from time to time but this is silly. The fun part of course is everything shuts down for a day or two. I am pretty sure that 9 months form now there will be a baby boom in the NC maternity wards. There is just nothing like a cold chill out side and snow on the ground mixed with a toasty warm fireplace and naked bodies. You know what happens next.

I had such a positive response to my cam show wearing the pink fishnet bodysuit I had to get some pictures for you. For foreplay the other night, I out it back on and Michael had some fun with the camera. He is getting so good with those angles:) In case you had not noticed camz shows have moved to Thursday nights at 10pm and my members only camshows are now Friday nights at 11pm. Hope to see you this week sexies!


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