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Wow where the hell have I been?  SOOOOOOOO deserve a spanking and I have a feeling I am going to get it. Many of you have been keeping up with me via my TWITTER feed but for those of you who have not let me fill you in. I have been very busy getting my site loaded with awesome goodies for you guys; articles, travel info, resorts, events and of course pics and vids. We are going to have an awesome year together and it starts now:)

 Brandi Loves NYC

I headed to New York for some hot adventures. Best part was hubby started the party picking up a super hot woman ( or should I say she picked him up ) at a bar right around the corner from where we were staying. I was super tired this particular night and told him he should go out and have fun. I mean t shit we were in NYC! I am so glad he did because when he got back to the room around 2 AM he was grinning from ear to ear. He hung out and had oysters and a few drinks the whole time making great conversation with a great couple seated next to him. Michael was also chatting it up with a college grad on his other side. Somehow through the night the husband of the woman that was into my hubby started chatting it up with College gal and Michael and the wife started talking. Next thing Michael know she is rubbing his thighs and has her tongue down his throat… right there at the bar and right in front of her hubby! My kind of woman. This story was so hot and I was so excited we ended up staying awake making love for hours. Luckily for us he got their number so next time we are in town… look out! * wink*

The Ultimate aphrodisiac

After NY I headed to MI for a 3 day quickie to see some family… it had been to long. Plus it is always good to hit homeland soil a few times a year. I do prefer summer but hey what do ya do? I met some amazing fans in the DTW airport, they made me blush. It is always very flattering to get  recognized in public but sometimes after pics are taken and such I can just imagine what on lookers are saying.. who is that and why did those people want her pic” LOL! It was very cute and I very much enjoyed the hugs you CMU studs!

Long night of sex

Many of you know MISSFREEONES is going on right now. I know you know because that is how I have made it into the final 15! I still can not believe it. You guys really are the best. It is because of contests like this that I love what I do and knowing there are so many of you pulling for me makes it feel like I have already won. With that said, how amazing would it be to ACTUALLY win? If it were ever possible I believe it is now. I have always said I have the best fans and you guys are proving me right. I dig that about y’all. You can vote everyday here:

I am heading out to LA the end of this month. I will be spending my 40th Birthday out there shooting scenes for you guys! Now that is the way to celebrate:) I am looking forward to shooting with some of my favs; Naughty AMerica, Brazzers, Pure Mature, Reality Kings….. I want to thank you guys who have already spoiled me with lovely gifts. And for those asking here is my WISHLIST 🙂

I am so looking forward to the best year ever. 2012 was awesome and 2013 is certainly starting off with a bang!

much love



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