Working 9-5 With Lesbian Biker Babes


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What is that? I mean 9-5? Does anyone actually work like that anymore? LOL! The sun is shining today and that brings a smile to my face. We have been under water and without fun for a out a week but it feels like forever. My energy level is high and I am going to take advantage of that. I am updating pictures today on my SITE and scheduling out our trip to AZ. The trip is planned but I am working on the photo shoots and meetings that need to be set up. I am so looking forward to meeting the sexy WIFEY and her hubby while out there. Know of them for years and now get to meet and hang out.

Birthday was really awesome. Another year older but in my mind I will own another year better:) A this point it is just no big deal. I got many Birthday wshes and that is always sweet and makes one realize how many friends they really have. Thanks guys for all the love. Just for shits a giggles I wanted to add this little picture that LJand S sent me. Many of you would like to know where to purchase one of these bad rides:

Lesbian Biker Babes

Lesbian Biker Babes


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