This is going to be exciting:)


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Whoo baby! I get to be the one behind the camera tomorrow:) I am heading up north to visit some friends and they want ME to play photographer….I know I know far stretch but I will do my best. This was kind of a last minute decision but I was invited and had the ability so shit why not? LOL! I have a very hard time saying no when I am guaranteed nudity and the chance to take pictures. Perhaps some of you did not know that I enjoy being in front of the camera as much as I do behind it. The best part….I get to share these pics with you all when I get home. Be on the look out for an interesting cam show Saturday afternoon as well:) They just might be feeling frisky enough to share with you LIVE!

I only have 24 hours left to get my votes up to attempt to win Bubba the Love Sponges MILF search. Please support me in this venture by clicking : MILF and giving me a 10:) I will owe you big time. Kisses guys and I will check in tomorrow.


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