Sushi Sex and Sunlight


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Between the thumbnail picture and the title of this entry you have to be scratching your head. LOL! here is the story. Last night was such a blast. After a little work, the gym and a nice shower Michael and I were ready to grab some dinner. Totally in the mood for some sushi we found Ra, one of our favorite restaurants in Las Vegas. We typed it into my Garmin and off we went. Only a 10 minute drive from where we were staying. After dinner we were going to head to the hotel where the trade show is going on. On the walk from the car to Ra we look through this courtyard to see what? The friggin hotel hosting the Forum! What luck:) That being said wine started pouring.

We choose to sit at the sushi bar, being that we are so introverted we figured it would be healthful to force ourselves to be social (HA!) Anyhoo true to form within minutes Michael was talking to our neighbors. They actually started the conversation and what a cute couple. Ok they were sexy! Had we not been obligated to some really important  meetings after dinner  have a feeling we would have had a night to remember with them. Hopefully they call *wink*

Dinner was insanely good and now time to mingle. Could not have started off better than the second picture posted. Two of my sexy ass girlfriends Trisha and Ava come running over to say hi. We shared a drink, boobies and laughs. Michael and I had some fabulous meetings and made some new friends. Here ‘s to many new opportunities! cheers…

Brandi Love In Beautful Arizona

Brandi Love In Beautiful Arizona

Hot Threesome

Hot Threesome



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