Sunday Sunday:)


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Sunday afternoon and I am right where I love to be and with whom🙂 I am at home today with my 2 favorite peeps, E and Hubby. Michael finally decided to take a break and chill for a few days, he really had no choice. His body finally gave and he came down with a bit of a cold. I hope you are all having amazing weekends! As some of you may have seen my Friday night was awesome. The club was a blast and I had some friends come in. I so wanted them to come back to my place with a girlfriends of mine but she and I got a bit too tipsy🙁 How dumb was that? I am still irritated about that last shot! LOL! She actually was worse than me…bless her heart. SO we snuggled in and passed out til 9am Saturday. She owed me so we hit the cam show together at 10AM. Nothing like a couple of strippers the night after the club! LOL! I am sure those watching got a kick out of the stories……..See you soon..



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