Still in shock……


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To all my friends….

Please accept this note with my sincere apology for the recent week’s lack of events. I have not been able to respond to my emails or get new pictures and vids up on my site or update my diary due to a server lock down issue. My site along with my email system had been compromised so I had to seal the server. In doing that I not could not get to my site. Until the issue was resolved, for safety, I have been unable to correspond with you all. I will be catching up with more personal email this week. On top of all this bullshit, I learned Tuesday morning that my father had passed away. I was told this news by Michael who was informed by his cousin. Sadly my sick family chose not to tell me and they buried him without me even knowing he had died. I will never forgive them for denying my Dad and I closure. With as much pain as my family has put me through I believe it will not begin to compare to the price they will pay when they have to account for their sins. I will see my father again….I do not think I will ever see them again. Again, I am sorry for the delay and am back on schedule.


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