It’s The Simple Things In Life


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HUMP DAY! right? LOL! Once again I have managed to loose track of time. I seriously have come to the acknowledgment that my business has come down to my own horrible time management skills. It sucks that I run so fast and produce little more than a turtle but it is not due to effort. I am working very hard to improve my organizational and time management skills because frankly they SUCK!

I am super excited to be heading up to Northern MI for a few days of fishing and burger grilling. Nice little cabin on lake Michigan with nothing but deer in the woods as neighbors. Of course to balance things out I will be hitting the club tomorrow night before heading out for a little vaca. Today is packing, finishing up and closing loose ends and packing a few surprises into my site to keep you all busy while I am gone. YES I wil have my computer:) Can’t leave home without it so you will of course be able to get me.

If you need a little something extra while I am gone make sure to check out this site. This one may help as well, and if not those this surely will *wink* Have a great night all and I will see you tomorrow at 11AM for members only cam:)


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