On The Road Again


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I do love to travel but this has been an exceptionally busy few months. Michael and I are off to AZ this weekend for business. The best part of this trip is we are actually together, Thank God! Traveling alone is not my favorite thing to do. I get a lot done but I would always rather be with my man. Believe it or not I usually find more trouble with him *wink*

I am looking forward to cam today with you all. 11AM for camz and 1pm fr members only. As you know, as a member of my site you watch all camshows for free:) I hope you can make it.

A friend of mine sent this lovely picture that I thought would not only bring a smile to your face but motivate. As for me…I am off to the gym!

proof a leopard can swallow a human whole

proof a leopard can swallow a human whole



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