Pornstars Paradise


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Brandi darling, you are absolute perfection, no other performer has the same glint in the eye, the obvious enjoyment (unless you’re a really good actor – oscar?!), or swallows like you, please don’t stop, and any chance of you cumming over this side of the pond so we can see you in the flesh, London rocks! Keep up the good work beautiful, you will always be my absolute favourite. xx

I am at a loss for words ( the above statement came to me via a message board)…..sometimes you guys say things to me that just… I don’t know what to say, other than thank you. You really get me. In an industry that has become very fake (not everyone but a massive quantity) unrealistic and daunting quite frankly….I have remained true to myself and only done scenes I wanted to, worked with people I wanted to, and brought all I could to every scene. I do enjoy sex, that IS why I work in the adult industry. It is not because I had to or need to….I choose to. Perhaps that is why you see the glimmer in my eye. I get into my costars and enjoy the chemistry we have in the moment. I not only enjoy the physical pleasure, but the few hours of mental and emotional connection I feel with my costars. It does not last (maybe that makes me more like a guy, LOL!) but it does not need to last be an amazing experience.

I rarely hang out with other pornstars (I don’t live in LA) but while I am with them….I dig em’ and that makes the scenes real (at least for me) and my hope is it brings others joy,  literally! I totally love the idea that I could have some small thing to do with bringing pleasure and a smile to someones day. Sex is a massive part of our happiness. When we get it or are having it ….we are happy. When are are not getting it we are not happy. That simple.

Our society is so fucked up with the mixed messages on sex. We are born desiring pleasure. We grow up with sexual images all around us and then we hit “age” to be exploring our sexuality, we get blasted with a brick to the forehead “NO NO NO!!!!!” sex is bad, dirty! you whore, slut, pimp, hooker ect. I choose to live my life my way and my desire is to open people up to their true sexuality and not allow others to form it for them. No one can tell another what will make them happy. If you are not monogamous, don’t try to be…embrace it and find a mate who shares your philosophy. If you are confident in your sexuality, ignore na sayers. Who cares? it’s your body, your life, your one chance to enjoy this time on earth. I don’t know about you but I want to do it my way….not try and live up to someones elses “standards” of what I should be doing. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Your life, your rules now go enjoy it!!!!


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