Perfect weekend so far


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A mans’ wet dream and a woman’s joy. I had so much fun playing last night with Michael. Michael took E out last night for Daddy Daughter night while I was out with Lizzie for a fabulous girl’s night out. She and I just enjoyed chatting over a bottle of wine and got caught up on life. I made it home around 9PM and they walked in at 11! OMG it was so cute. Anyoo, E passed right out and Michael shared with me the night’s events. When he was done we looked for a TV station playing something worth while. Football! Perfect I said and began to find my way to his zipper. He laughed and said “whoa wait a minute let me turn this off!” I said hell no you don’t, LOL! Keep it on. I handed him the remote, turned the game volume up and proceeded to give him a fabulous blowjob. It was simply awesome and he came like a maniac…perfect timing too, his team just made a touchdown!


Hmmmmmmmmmm kinda cool but I do not have much to say here. For me this is really a good thing. The family chilled out all morning. We woke around 11am, I hit the local Starbucks and then the gym. I got home and Mike and E were playing. One of my favorite things to witness, those two laughing and being silly. The community had an outdoor shin ding, live band and bouncy things for the kids and food. The fresh air felt great. Now we are on to pizza, popcorn and movie night!


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