O’ Canada, Here I am


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I had such an awesome weekend. Not only was it a great Saturday of college ball (though I did not do so good with my picks this weekend) I got a ton accomplished. More on a personal not but that, many times, is more important than any business accomplishment. Michael and I sat down and really asked one another the tough questions. We actually did lists for one another of our strengths and weaknesses. We then made long list of all the projects on the table ( and there are many ). Based on our “personal” attributes as well as the actual amount of time we really have, we developed a short list of projects to conquer. We needed this focus. Opportunities have been flying at us and it has been very hard to say no to any of them yet if not careful we could quickly over extend ourselves and not do any of the projects exceptionally well…and that would be unacceptable:) I feel so much better since doing this exercise and very very excited.

I am in Toronto right now, working on one of those short list projects *wink*. This is a super cool town. We must have walked 10 miles today just checking it out. Hit an Irish Pub for beer and burgers and of course some Hockey. Leafs were playing tonight so the bar was hopping! Really good time. Believe it or not I am now off to the gym. I have to take care of the massive burger I ate, LOL! SO damn worth it!

I am sitting here typing away in my hotel room with the window open. The air is so crust and cool, invigorating! Have a super night all and see you soon.


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