How to Move TweetDeck Settings From a PC to a Mac


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Ok ladies and gents! This is not a typical post here at but a fellow Tweter needs help and I’m here to try and prove that hotwives and intellect can go hand in hand!

The question was asked at Twitter: Is there a way to transfer my tweetDeck settings (groups) from one computer to the other? Based upon this fellow tweter’s earlier posts, I am assuming that he is trying to go from a PC to a Mac. An assumption which I hope doesn’t make me an ass…

While I couldn’t find a definitive answer anywhere , my sexy hubby and I brainstormed and came up with the following idea:

1. Format an external External Hard Drive for your Mac.   To do this you need to:

a. Plug the hard drive into your Mac

b. On your Mac go to Go > Utilities > Disk Utility >

c. Format the drive using Mac OS Extended

2. Go to your PC and download MacDrive.  This will allow your PC to read / write and see Mac formatted drives.

3. Plug your Mac formatted, external hard drive into your PC.

4. Find your TweetDeck folder on your PC’s Hard Drive. If possible specifically any folder(s) containing the settings / groups you want to transfer over to your Mac.

5. Copy this folder(s) over to your Mac formatted, external HD (Macdrive will allow this HD to be seen and utilized)

6. Remove the HD from your PC and plug it back into your Mac.

7. On your Mac,  Go to applications > TweetDeck and open the application so you can see the folders.

8. Access your external hard drive and have a look at the folders / files you copied over from your PC

9. You should be able to see the similar file structure(s) on your Mac and your external HD for TweetDeck. If you do,  delete the identical files from your Mac and move the ones from your external HD over.

10. Remove your external HD from your Mac. BE SURE TO EJECT THE DRIVE DO NOT JUST YANK OUT THE USB CABLE.  Mac’s really … really hate this.  To do this,  righ click on the external HD icon which you will see on your desktop and click eject.

11. Open your TweetDeck to check if your settings / groups transferred correctly.

I have done this with other programs,  with success. I have not tried this with TweetDeck but since the process has worked with other programs, it is well worth a shot!

Let me know!


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