Lions and Tigers and Bruised Butts Oh My!


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I am now going on day 7 of my time in LA and all is running smooth. I had a morning snafu yesterday. I woke up and felt like a truck had run me over. I came prepared because I know when I am away from home, my hubby and baby girl, I sleep for shit. It is impossible for me to shut my mind off of what they are doing, if they need me, how much I miss them etc. My mind constantly on them does not low me sleep well. Eight hours a day of card and little sleep is a very bad combo for me. I went and bought NyQuil to sleep and even with that I got a bit under the weather yesterday. I got right up out of bed and went for the antibiotics I had brought. My tonsil were huge so I knew what was going on. Took meeds, drank some OJ and took all my vitamins. Then took another nap. I caught it so fast that when I woke up I really felt better. My call time was 2pm so I had time to get straight. I may have had a slight fever but that was all. My body just needs it’s rest. I was not sick, just run down. SO I got showered and ready and put my game face on:) This is where it gets good.

I arrive at the studio where we will be shooting. They are always in odd industrial parks if not at a house. We walk in and there is a scene in play. Huge breasted blond on her knees sucking off the young stud Xander….the guy I will be shooting with, LOL! I got a sneak peek. I could not believe this guy was shooting with Brittany and then with only one hour turn around time was going to be “ready” to shoot with me. But he WAS! I get into that. SO I am in the room next to them ( I can’t see them at this point) and they continue the scene. For 35 more minutes all I hear is ridiculous moaning and sex sounds…..I have to admit it was really hot. So I got caught up on my work all the while enjoying the sweet sounds of fucking one wall away:)

The scene is over and the talent come into the room I am in. I love how casual, they are both naked gathering their shit when she grabs her phone and asks to exchange numbers. Mind you they are both covered in cum and sweat and still naked. I just sat there with a smile on my face thinking, man I love the adult industry.

Xander and I now say our hellos and begin the flirting….always makes for a better scene. He is high energy and a ton of fun so I knew this was going to be a great scene. After shooting stills we got right into it. I am going to make you wait for the scene to come out so as to not spoil it but DAMN! we had some serious fun. By the end of the scene, I was not sure who the professor was and who the student was…

It is so nice to be staying with Christian while out here. Going back to an empty hotel would suck. This way I am with a good friend and we always have someone to eat with! LOL!, also really wonderful that he knows everyone and when I have been in a pinch and needed info, somehow he always manages to get it.

My days a re a bit out of order, forgive me, but I have so many tales to tell. So the other night Christian, Keiran ad myself hit an Indian joint Keiran suggested. I have to admit I have never had authentic Indian food before but it was awesome. The best part of all was the conversation. I absolutely can not get over how casually they talked about scenes. Who they did the day before, how the scene went and then we got onto anal scenes. I was laughing so hard my belly hurt. These to were comparing some notes, regardless of who was around and could hear, that you would not believe. Let me just say this for the record…I WILL NEVER DO ANAL. As if I had not decides this before, I am positive now, LMAO! I shall keep the details to myself and the guys…..some things are better left unsaid.

If you saw my bruised up ass on my twitter post Brandi_Love…. I have Christian to blame for that. We shot an ass lovers vid Saturday and you guessed it, there was a bunch of booty spanking and grabbing. LOL! It sucks that I bruise so easily because I like it! I am looking forward to that video coming out because Christian has a thing for acrobatics during sex and we coined a new one that day “the flying squirrel” Just wait till you see it…nuts!

I am going to now grab some luck and lay down for a nap. This was the perfect day to have off I needed some r&r.  I may have to move my camshow to Thursday because I had a scene re schedule. I will let you all know tonight when it will be. Hugs and kisses from LA!


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