Life Lesson Learned


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Whew weeee what a week. I have been going a million miles an hour and what I have discovered is that I am no more ahead, LOL! SO what does this mean? It means my time management is still far from on tract. I will not give up however. It has taken me 38 years but I am admitting that my way is NOT the right way to accomplish what I want to accomplish. I am very good at creating chaos but so great and eating results:( I hate to admit that like you can not imagine but truth be told. No that it’s out there I feel like I can move forward in a more efficient and successful manner. Fingers crossed and support system in place… we go:) Wish me luck!

Life will never cease to amaze me I don’t think. As long as we are open to learning (especially about ourselves) it will always be an adventure:) One I plan on taking by the horns.

Success at the cost of not slowing down and smelling the roses, not spending time with family and friends is no success at all. A good lesson to learn early on in the game. The key, to happiness…as  have always said is BALANCE. I too need to be reminded of this from time to time. Have a great weekend all thanks for listening to me:)


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