Hotwife Yoga


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Did you know I taught Yoga classes? Well sorta;) If you want to see how one of my classes goes down click on the Yoga link.

So how was everyone’s weekend? I had a great one. To be honest t was full of nothing! LOL. We all needed a few down days after the week we had. it is all good now and I am totally rested and ready to go 100 MPH. I am taking a road trip Wednesday afternoon for a few days. I am actually going to check out a new potential studio space. Always interesting in my world. Many opportunitiesĀ  think if I get this place. Not just for me but to rent it out to other photogs. I like being around creative people and this would be a great way to do so. Plus where I am there just are not many good places for photographers to shoot. I would simply be filling a need…one of my forte’s:)

I have my camz show Tuesday at 11PM and then will be doing my member’s only show Wednesday early afternoon. I will post the time this evening in hopes that as many of you as possible can make it!


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