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The title of this entry alone has my juices flowing. One of my biggest issues with my time management skills (or lack there of) is that it is really hard for me to just stay focused on the task at hand and not let my mind wonder and think up new ideas. I will be working on something and I see a word or image that triggers a brainstorm and BOOM I am off cresting a new business. So I was looking up travel deals and thinking about summer vacations and I got this idea for a new hotel concept “Hotwife Hotel”. Not a brothel…someone else has already done that, LOL! I mean a real upscale, gorgeous JW Marriott style boutique hotel with all the amenities. Difference is your room comes with a Hotwife:) Wither a single male, female or couple looking to play….you pre-register with your personal preferences and such and when you arrive your room is well equiped with the “situation” of your choosing. Of course you may also BE the Hotwife or hotwives husband and you simply want to “watch”. SOme rooms would haeva¬† 2 way mirror. OK I will stop I could go on and on with the details….maybe some day I will open such a hotel. Stay tuned:)

I can think of a few of my friends tat would go in on such a joint venture, Kelly, Wifey, I am sure a few of the hotties over at NA would play.

Speaking of playing, I am off to the gym and when I get home….Michael is in for the ride of his life! ALl this sex talk has me horney!


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  1. brian7 says:

    Brandi, have fun, you and Kelly get my cock hard, and juices flowing! Nite, sweetie!!

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