Hello 2013 Welcome


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2013 i already proving to be an amazing year. I had a great feeling about it and man was I right. I certainly can not complain that it started off hearing about both my XBiz nominations as well as 2 AVN nominations. You guys can also help me get a FAN VOTE for best body and or a few other categories by going HERE ad adding my name:) I more than appreciate your vote and it is because of you all that I plan on making 2013 even more exciting than 2012. The bench mark has been set high but I love a good challenge. If you guys are not following me on twitter I would love it if you did. I post a lot of behind the scenes and everyday picks as well as to the minute updates as to my where abouts and such.  If you are going to the AVN’s my twitter updates will help you find me:) I will be signing at the Girlfriend Films Booth on Thursday and walking the red carpet Saturday prior to the AVN Awards.


For those of you who like to grab a little piece of me I actually have a few auctions running right now. You can check them out HERE. I am starting off January with a bang! I will be in Vegas the 16-20th for the AVN’s and then heading right to Philly Jan 23-26th for 4 nights of xxx naughty fun at PGC. Mark your calendars and if there is anyway to get there I hope you do! I will have DVD’s available and man do I love giving VIP dances after my stage shows:)


I hate to even bring it up but then again so many of you have ( LOL!) I am only a few short months away from what is probably a woman’s most intense birthday. I am an Aries woman and many of you have already been asking for my birthday wishlist so here it is you studs! BIRTHDAY. I can not however imagine anyone topping my Christmas goodies. You guys make me feel like a million Bucks. 40 is a big one but I certainly don’t feel a day over 28:) I plan on keeping it that way as long as possible *wink*


Forgive my hiatus from blogging. I kind of lost my way for a few months and got overly busy and fell away from my schedule. Me without a schedule is like a mouse running around in a circular maze with no exits! Not good. But I am back, refreshed and ready to make my mark on 2013. New updates coming to www.brandilove.com and live schedule back on track Wednesday nights at 10:30PM. See you all there and many well wishes to you and yours in 2013!





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