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After a very long day…week, there is little more inviting than a nice glass of wine and one’s cozy bed with naked luscious man in it. After a hot masturbation members only camshow I was ready to relax and tear into Michael. I come into the room and he has the glass of wine poured and a naughty look on his face. All I have to do before slipping out of my clothes and into bed is let the damn dogs out one more time. So I do. First two are out and all is well. My golden is acting a bit odd, more tired than usual. I give him a bump on the butt to wake him and he slowly lifts his head. OMG that is when the drama starts! His poor little head was swollen like a basketball. His eyes so puffy he could hardly see. His snout was massive and all droopy! I almost lost it. In a panic I literally scooped up my 70lb pup and got him in the car. I knew where the 24 hour vet was and called on my way to let them know I was coming. Michael waited patiently by his phone for news. I got him in and they swooped him off to the back. I was not a happy camper. Trying not to loose it and start balling right there I maintained composure hoping for the best. I tend to over react when it comes to my family so I figured I was being ridiculous. About half an hour later….out tromps my little boy. A bit puffy still and drowsy but in good spirits. As many of you have already figured it was simply an allergic reaction to something. Thank goodness!  make it home around midnight and get pup settled in and slide into bed. Nookie was rain checked for this evening….

New picture set up courtesy of NA. Check them out at: Brandiove.com and see the full length movie at: NaughtyAmerica.com.


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