Three Days Three Scenes


Like This Post? Get My Daily RSS Feed! from home. Michael reminded me this evening to get some damn nyquil. That helps me get good solid sleep when I am away. One solid night of sleep and I will be feeling great. My body is still trying to get used to the intensity of a day of shooting out here ( typically a 5-8 hour day) but I am getting there. I swear this career is going to keep e in awesome shape:) this is way more fun then the elliptical at the gym.

Yesterday I shot for Kelly and Ryan Madison. Here site is pretty awesome and she has the most amazing massive natural breasts I have ever seen. I had a hot cougar threesome with them and enjoyed getting to know them. We actually had a ton in common so the day was a blast even at the longest day on set in history for me….(9 hours)! Check out her site here and watch for my movie in the coming days:  KELLY

I shot a crazy hot scene today for Naughty America. Can’t ell you about though, you’re just going to have to wait:) But you can see the latest scene I did with them HERE

I am now off to get a little nap before hitting the Dr Susan Block show. You can check out what s happening there on her radio podcast. Sweet dreams all and stay tuned for much much more from my LA adventure!



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