Chillin on a Sunday


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Sunday…my favorite day of the week and I can not wait to get Boo back. She has been with her best friend this weekend and it is now my turn! One popular kid🙂 I called her to tell her I could not wait to spend the day with her and she said “I am not staying with Kelly?” NO love I tell ya! LOL!

I would be even more excited about today if I had my love with me! Michael is still in Miami where I should be but shit happens. I had things that had to be taken care of here and business needed to be done in FL so we had to split up the chores🙁 I hate being away from him. The only cool part is I am totally looking forward to some sexy stories! I have one for him and I am banking (I made a few calls to some of my friends) that he has one or two *wink*. I will tell you about my night after I get to tell himJ Sorry guys that is only fair. I hope you enjoyed the first set of pics from our threesome. From the email’s I would say yes🙂



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