Porn Valley


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That first day in a new town, unfamiliar surroundings and sounds is always enough to have me slightly out of sorts. Everything I need is coos at hand I just need to figure out the ups and downs. I have my first scene this AM call time is actually 10AM. The only thing I need this am to completely make all good is my coffee. Lucky for me there is a SBUX right across the street. When my driver comes to get me that will be stop number one, and the only stop. I love when the producer has hair and make-up people….then you know they will like the “look” you have on set. It also means extra sleep time for me:)

I have a scene tomorrow as well and then off to the Dr Suzy show Saturday night. That sounds like it is going to be a blast and I am sure very interesting. Everything I have read about her and seen is very energetic and sexually liberating. Cool peeps! Try and tune in if you have the time.

Last night kind of kicked my ass but all is good. I got in 4 hours later than I should have but shit happens. I slept ok…never sleep great in strange bed. I fuck great in strange bed but not so much sleep, LOL! Alright guys my ride is here so I am off for adventure number one:) More to come….


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