Hello 2013 Welcome

2013 i already proving to be an amazing year. I had a great feeling about it and man was I right. I certainly can not complain that it started off hearing about both my XBiz nominations as well as 2 AVN nominations. You guys can also help me get a FAN VOTE for best body and or a few other categories by going HERE ad adding my name:) I more than appreciate your …

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The LA Experience

My travels to LA conjure up great stories and this trip will be no exception. It has been a blast with many new sexy friends and memories soon not to be forgotten ( and if I do I can always watch them online ) LOL! I have had the pleasure of working with Girlfriend Films, Naughty America […]

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Brandi’s BCS Solution

As you all know, I have long loathed the BCS. I have heard all of the arguments regarding the importance of the Bowl Games from a financial standpoint and while I agree that the Bowl Games are important financially, the argument that you cant have a playoff system is 100% BULLSHIT! Additionally, I have heard the argument that you can’t add additional games to the schedule…. Really?

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Physique Finess

As you know I got back from an awesome trip to LA a few weeks ago. It has not been long but some f the scenes have already come out. Pornfiedlity is one, and what a “wet ” scene that turned out to be. I shot an incredble scene for Reality Kings that is not to yet but here are some behind the scenes pics for you to enjoy. Greg managed to tune into the finer aspects of my …

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Happy Halloweenie

Another Halloween is upon us, damn time flies. I wish I were more excited about this years festivities but I am not. Michael was scheduled for a meeting this afternoon having him out of town for Halloween, nice huh? Trust me it was not him who schedule…

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Happy Halloweenie

I am up way too early, full moon has sleep an impossibility. I got a few hours between 10-3:30 but after that…. not going to happen. My bio clock is back on track for East Coast time finally and I am feeling so much better than last week. LA delivered me home with a nice sinus infection. Lots of airplane rides will do that to ya! I am going to get a ton of work done and get caught up, hit the gym and be on CAM all by 11 today:) It will indeed be a productive day…

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Another Amazing Trip

A trip to remember. It has been a very long trip away from home but indeed productive. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with a few of my favorites… Naughty America , Brazzers , Reality Kings , Pornfidelity and a new one Pornpros. I have met some…

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A Vote That Has Happy Ending

LOL, like the title? Anyhoo this is awesome news ya’ll :

After almost 9 years online and over 100 movie titles I have finally been nominated for an XBIZ award and you can help make it happen:) It would mean so much to me to have your support. Just…

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Busy Little Beaver

I don’t know why but I just love that title *smirk* I hope this post finds you all good. It has been awhile since I last wrote primarily because I feel like I chat with you all live almost daily. We hit on so many topics while live on cam I sometimes feel like I have nothing interesting left to write about! LOL…

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Then and Now

I know it’s not New Years but the resolutions have already begun. If any of you who really know me laugh, I may have to come kick your ass. It is the end of August giving me around 5 months to reach a pretty lofty goal. I have made some aggressive fina…

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